Why learn coding to have WordPress?

A common question in the minds of those who are new or learning in the world of web design and development is that why should I learn coding when I have WordPress? For this we need to understand what WordPress actually is, how WordPress works and why it is used so that we can understand whether we should learn coding.

Why learn coding to have WordPress

Wordpress is a popular content management system which was initially developed to create blogging websites, but now it can be used to create almost all types of websites, be it e-commerce, business sites, booking sites, social sites, etc. In a content management system, the user can easily add, delete, modify and other dynamic tasks on his website.

WordPress CMS provides us with many other benefits that allow us to easily create various types of dynamic content.

How does WordPress work?

WordPress mainly works through themes and plugins. The theme is the entire layout and functionality of your website. What kind of your website will be, what kind of structure it will have, what features it will have will depend on the themes and plugins you use. Blogging, e-commerce or other websites can be created by selecting the theme according to the category of the website.

There are many free and paid themes for WordPress with which you can easily create your useful website.

Who is WordPress for?

WordPress or any content management system is intended for a user to manage all the content of a website without any coding. WordPress is intended so that people who don't know coding can easily create and manage a website. Although WordPress can be used to build sites by yourself, we see a lot of demand for WordPress work in the freelancing market place or elsewhere. The reason for this is that although it is easy to build a site with WordPress, foreign clients do not have time and they are not so technical, which is why they look for expert people who can do their job perfectly.

Here, those who are new to the world of web design and development only know that a site can be created with WordPress but do not know how to create it, so usually there is a question that why should I learn coding while having WordPress?

Coming to this answer, I said at the beginning of the article that the features or what can be done on WordPress websites depend on the themes and plugins. That means you have to use whatever features you get in the theme or you have to use other plugins to run your work.

Where are the themes and plugins we're using coming from? It is created by a person or organization that we can use for free or buy. Popular programming language PHP is used to create plugins and themes.

To answer why you should learn coding while having WordPress we need to be clear about two things. Do you want to be the web designer who will make money from the marketplace by making a website for the client using ready-made things made by others or the person who wants to be the person who will develop the plugins and themes for a company client.

If you want to build a site in WordPress with themes and plugins made by others, then you need to learn WordPress customization. That is, you will build the client's site with the stuff made by others, which is already a very common practice in the marketplace. And because it's easy, many are learning and the competition in the marketplaces is constantly increasing. If you don't like coding then you can come in this path but no guarantee how long you will last. And if you want your products, themes, plugins to be used by others, then you need to learn programming or coding.

It all depends on you what you want to learn and what you want to become. If you want to stand out from others then you must learn programming to survive in the world of web design and development.

This was a matter of your will, now come to the complexity. As mentioned earlier, what features a WordPress website or application will have depends on the features. Let's say you create a restaurant website that will tell about your establishment, have a food menu and other things that support the theme you use. But here you now need a booking system, users will come and order food. Now what do you do assuming this plugin takes WordPress. Then you must consider a plugin and theme development.

Or completely custom build your website or app yourself. In that case you have to come back to programming or coding. Also, you got the plugin for the feature you need, but where you had to write 50 lines of code to bring this same feature, you are using a plugin with 100 lines of code. Due to which the issue of performance and scaling of your website comes up.

The bottom line is that you should select the technology based on the type of website or project you are working on. The solution is not the same for all problems. Based on the problem or your project requirements you have to choose which technology to implement.


If you really want to enter the world of web design and development, you need to learn programming or coding. Not all problems can be solved with a particular technology, it depends on the project requirement.

Hope, you got the answer to why you should learn coding with WordPress. I have tried to explain the matter simply, if there is any mistake please comment. Also if any query related to this please comment I will try to answer.

Why learn coding to have WordPress?

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