Some free online tools for website creation and hosting

I have previously written about some tools and addons from Mozilla that may be useful for designers. This time I will try to highlight some tools that help in website creation and hosting. You don't need to be a professional designer to know how to use these web applications. These tools are very simple and powerful to use. With this you can also create dynamic and multiple sites. Some of these tools offer flash based sites and some offer static sites. Again, you can create a blog and photo gallery with any tool. I will not talk about WordPress or blogger in this review because they are very popular and many people know very well about this. Tried to highlight some tools which are less known but have many features and working capacity.

Some free online tools for website creation and hosting

Without further ado let's get familiar with the tools -


With the help of this you can create a website of your choice for free, create a free MySpace layout or if you want, you can flash My


According to major designers, Weebly is the simplest way to build a site. From personal sites to professional sites, you can easily create any type of site with the help of this wonderful tool.

Google Sites

What to write about Google technology? Can be trusted even with eyes closed. Another great webware for free site building and designing.

Free Webs

It is possible to easily create a site for a specific individual, group, small business, photo and video sharing and member community with this tool.

Syntha Sites - Free Sites and Hosting

You can easily create a site with its help. No special technical skills are required to use it. With its help it is possible to create beautiful, dynamic and very professional quality sites very easily and in less time.


Vivity is a very fast platform that is professional, easy to update with just a few clicks. You can launch a dynamic site in minutes (this is their word, but in my opinion you need to be very dynamic yourself).


To create a site with Jimdo you must first sign up. You must follow the link of your page correctly. You can instantly integrate your images, videos, text and choose your favorite by visiting Design to Design in one click.


With the help of Tumblr, you can easily create a site suitable for sharing your photos, videos, links, music, text and email. Almost effortlessly.

WebOn - Free Site Builder and Free Web Hosting

With its easy platform, you can easily create dynamic and stylish sites. It allows you to embed surveyor widgets like YouTube Flickr and Slides. Dynamic designers prefer its WebOn library and add-ons.


Another great tool and very innovative. Website creation and editing can both be done through your browser. You can add new content by simply dragging and dropping from the toolbar. Eg - polls, forums, articles, catalogs etc.


They also say that it is possible to create a business or organization related site within a few minutes through their technology. You have all the tools online and don't need any separate tools. Just choose your favorite design, enter text, add image and publish. Very simple.

Web Sketch

I also like its designs. More content and flashy panels. This web tool is useful for creating very simple sites.

MS Office Live Small Business - Design and Hosting

With the help of this you will get free web hosting. Its designing tools are very easy to use. Also getting site traffic report. You will get everything you need to give a professional look on the web in this web tool.

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