Some Essential Tips to Survive a Computer Crash

 So you need to be careful about everything to have time. Then maybe it will be possible to avoid some unwanted things. Your my computer can crash anytime. It goes without saying that it is undesirable. Sitting at the PC working on an urgent report or getting record points in an online game today is just a matter of time away. Suddenly the PC froze! No response. He waited for a while and tried again with hope. Nothing happened. The PC no longer talks.

Computer Crash

That dead blue screen error. You may be asked to reboot the PC or your system may crash. Many people may have an idea about the damaging effect of this freezing. Let's take a look at all the reasons that cause this freezing and how we can survive this freezing/crashing –

Software Problems

Software problems occur when there is an update problem or a device driver issue. If such problem occurs then what we have to do is - uninstall or reinstall this faulty software. Update if possible.

Faulty RAM

Many of our PCs have more than one RAM chip. Problems with these chips occur when there is a problem with their configuration or a fault remains during internal fabrication. And the fear is that these chip related problems are very dangerous and cause fatal errors. Which can prevent your PC from performing its normal functions and can even cause crashes.

To check all these RAM problems, you can use a reliable memory testing tool that will help you find out the error through various tests. Also, if you want, you can remove your chips (at least one) once and start the PC to see what the status of those errors is. And from there you might even find your error.

Hard Disk Problem

This problem happens to many of us. Usually jamming the PC by installing unnecessary tools can also cause this problem. In that case, new PC users need to be a little more careful. Because this thing they do a little too much. In many cases, disk defragmentation can also slow down the PC unexpectedly and in many cases cause physical damage. For this you need to install the software carefully. You can use a good third party uninstaller software for R&R installation. Eg - Revo Uninstaller. So that no leftover files remain after uninstalling the software. You can also try using a disk cleanup software. One such disk cleaner is CCleaner. Which will remove your junk files from PC.

Viral and Spyware Infections

Malicious infections like viruses, trojans, worms, and various spyware can quietly make your system a bad experience. All these malware can generate various types of computer errors. These include - system crashes, personal data theft and worst of all, crashing your hard drive.

To avoid all these problems you need to choose a good and reliable anti virus. In this case you have to be a little careful, otherwise you may have to face all the trouble again. So let's say again, be careful! You have to choose your anti virus and keep a close eye on updating them.

Registry Issues

Many of us do not give importance to the registry. Although actually a very important section. Please don't be surprised if your system crashes due to unstable, fragmented and slow registry. To avoid all these registry related problems use a good registry cleaner and clean your registry regularly.

How To Stop PC From Crashing

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